Fresh Herbs and Spices

The blending of herbs and spices is called "Kroung".
This is the foundation of most Cambodian cooking.
Welcome to Simply Khmer Restaurant

“Simply Khmer – We Make It Simple”

The mission of Simply Khmer Restaurant is to offer an appetizing Cambodian style menu in a pleasant, appealing and cozy environment in Lowell, Massachusetts. The foods are served in an organized, speedy and orderly manner. Cambodian cuisine is relatively low in calories, high in nutrition, and tasty. It includes many rice, chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes.

Khmer |kə'me(ə)r; kme(ə)r|

1 an ancient kingdom in Southeast Asia that reached the peak of its power in the 11th century, when it ruled the entire Mekong River valley from the capital at Angkor. It was destroyed by Thai conquests in the 12th and 14th centuries.
2 a native or inhabitant of the ancient Khmer kingdom.
3 a native or inhabitant of Cambodia.
4 the Mon-Khmer language that is the official language of Cambodia. Also called Cambodian .

of, relating to, or denoting the Khmers or their language.

Simply Khmer Restaurant traces its roots to Khmer food and it culture. One of our competitive edges is to offer authentic Cambodian dishes. The exquisite meats, vegetables, and soups have been perfected to produce the most flavorful, appetizing, and attractive dishes. Many Cambodian dishes are somewhat spiced, and served with Tuk Trey (fish sauces, bird’s eye chilli's, sugar, and garlic) on the side to enhance the dishes. It is custom that people dining together share common dishes, which include four to five main courses with a plate of white rice served for each person. There is no formal system that governs which dish is eaten first or considered the centerpiece.

Simply Khmer Restaurant pledges to provide everyone who loves Khmer food with an outstanding eating establishment, offering the finest Cambodian cuisine. Cambodian cuisine is characterized by fresh ingredients used daily from our local Cambodian markets, spice, and spices such as cilantro, basil, holy basil, gangal, lemon grass, kaffir leaves etc...are used.

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Saturdays at 4pm and Sundays at 6:30pm on WGBH 2. Fridays at 7:30pm on WGBH 44

Sam and Denise

Sam Neang and Denise Ban are the owners of Simply Khmer. Sam is the head chef and Denise is the resident spring roll expert. (Patricia Alvarado/WGBH)
WGBH's Neighborhood Kitchens Meets Simply Khmer Chefs Sam Neang and Denise Ban

Building on a 34-year history of producing Latino and multicultural programming, WGBH’s award winning La Plaza team has a new offering — Neighborhood Kitchens, a series about the exploration of culture through food. Every week the show offers a unique window into immigrant communities in New England.

In each episode, host Margarita Martínez visits a different ethnic restaurant and learns three delicious recipes from the chef. She also explores the restaurant’s neighborhood, discovering hidden gems along the way. Join her as she learns about new ingredients, new cultures, and new neighborhoods.¡Hasta pronto!

Both Sam Neang and Denise Ban fled Cambodia as children during the genocidal reign of the Khmer Rouge, during which an estimated two million Cambodians died. Both spent years in refugee camps in Thailand before eventually making their way to the United States. They met in Lowell in 1987 when Sam’s mother was hired to plan Denise’s sister’s wedding. They married in 1990.

The idea to open a restaurant came from Sam and Denise’s friends and family. Nearly every weekend the couple would host get-togethers at their house and cook for 20-30 people. Their guests would always comment on how good their cooking was and would suggest that they open a restaurant together.  At first they didn’t even consider the idea, but then one day a realtor brought an available space to their attention and they decided to just take a look. The couple ended up falling in love all over agian — this time with the idea of cooking together. They opened up Simply Khmer in 2008.

Since then Simply Khmer has earned a reputation for serving delicious and authentic Cambodian food. It receives rave reviews from the Boston Globe and been featured on the Travel Channel. Simply Khmer has also been featured in the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, and the Lowell Sun.

Neighborhood Kitchens Meets Simply Khmer
Ingredients for Cambodin food served fresh at Simply Khmer
Sam Neang and Neighborhood Kitchens host Margarita Martínez
Neighborhood Kitchens Meets Simply Khmer
Denise Ban and Neighborhood Kitchens host Margarita Martínez

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