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A 50% deposit is required for all catering orders. Please call or email us to inquire about current pricing.

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Fried Rice (choice of meats)
Beef Loc Lac
Pleah Sach-Ko
Mee/K'tive Cha (choice of meats)
Bo-Lo Hong
Shrimp Rolls
Cha Cut-Nat (choice of meats)
Sticky Rice
Spring Rolls
Youm (choice of meats)
Cha Kroung Fish
Shrimp Rolls
Youm Chicken Feet Salad
Cha Kroung (choice of meats)
Egg Rolls
Lort Cha (choice of meats)
Mee-Ka Tang Spicy
Sach-Lo Ang (Beef Teriyaki)
Chicken Wings / Spicy Wings
Sach-Jrouk Chien (Pork Chops)

Som-Law Khmer (Soup)

Som-Law Ma-Ju Kroung

Som-Law K'Teeh

Som-Law Ma-Ju Kroung
Beef, beef tripe, lemon grass, vegetable, garlic, kaffir lime leave, tamarind, complex seasoning, jalapeno, holy basil.
Som-Law Ma-Ju Youn (Choice of: fish,chicken, shrimp)
Meat, lotus roots, pineapple, tomatoes, furry squash, tamarind, basil, ma'om, dried garlic.
Som-Law Japp-Chhai
Pork meat balls, fish balls, dry pork skins, white nappa, black mushroom, fried garlic, cilantro.
Som-Law Curry (Choice of: beef,chicken, seafood)
Meat , curry paste, coconut milk, onion, potato, bamboo shoot.

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